August 2017

Is there a connection between science ethics and economic ethics?

Reference article:  The relationship between economics and ethics and the light Dooyeweerd sheds on it . by Jeloost Hengstmeng

I think in the back of our minds we would consider the conspiracy of DC water crisis and Flint’s water crisis comes from questionable economic ethics. The people involve place higher value of cost over the human welfare. I think we need a deeper explanation about economic ethics based on my experience in the commercial and government arenas. In both of environment, the economics behind the technology became the deciding factor.   So, what do we really know about the political influence of economics?

We have studied science ethics without an informal connection of economic. However, the questions about ethics in science appear connected the ethics in economics. Although the following article is about economic ethics, further research could show a connection between economic and science ethics. The purpose of researching this connection comes from years of professional experience in the field of technology.

In STS, I have learned the power of science as an actor that impacts society. Traditional STS analysis researches the link between the power of science and social class, especially the low-income social class. So, if the economics separates social classes then maybe we should review the connection between science ethics and economic ethics.

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