Introduction to GO Virginia


If you follow us on Twitter, you might have seen our photos from recent GO Virginia meetings. Perhaps you’ve wondered, “What exactly is GO Virginia and how is the Office of Economic Development involved?” In this brief introduction, we’ll explore what makes GO Virginia unique and how this program will work to create growth in Virginia communities.

GO Virginia is a statewide program meant to encourage new investment that will diversify Virginia’s economy and create higher-wage jobs across the Commonwealth.

GO Virginia is unique among other economic development initiatives because it takes a regionally-specific approach to job creation. Under the GO Virginia program, the Commonwealth is divided into nine regions, each of which is responsible for identifying the most promising opportunities for job creation in that area and funding projects to pursue those opportunities.

People at a meeting sit in front of a white board with writing

Attendees at a GO Virginia Region 2 meeting brainstorm ideas for growing a talented workforce


Each GO Virginia region has a council that is holding meetings, conducting research focused on understanding its regional workforce and economy, and developing a plan for the types of industries or programs that have the most potential to create jobs in that region.

The Office of Economic Development at Virginia Tech is serving as staff for GO Virginia’s Region 2, helping the Region 2 Council conduct research and develop a plan for the types of programs best poised to create jobs throughout the region which includes the New River Valley, Roanoke-Alleghany, and Lynchburg areas.

Close up of a desk and people holding GO VA paperwork

Attendees at a GO Virginia region 2 meeting review paperwork on the regional workforce


After each GO Virginia region completes its research and plan, regions and the Commonwealth will work together to solicit proposals and direct funds to programs with the most potential to create new, higher-wage jobs.

With broad support from both local and statewide organizations and academic institutions across Virginia, the GO Virginia program represents a new, innovative approach to job creation that is attuned to the specific needs and economic environment of Virginia’s diverse regions.

We’ll be providing more details about the GO Virginia program throughout the year, so be sure to follow us on Twitter and check our website for updates.

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