Amazon HQ2 Headquarters approaching Arlington, VA

Walking down my high school hallways on what I thought would be a regular day, I heard the word “Amazon” echoed from student to student like a broken record player. When Amazon announced it would build one of two headquarters in Northern Virginia, the news spread across Northern Virginia like the latest celebrity gossip. Many Northern Virginians have strong feelings, one way or the other, about Amazon opening one of its headquarters in Northern Virginia. I was interested in finding out what exactly those feelings were from individuals around me.

While searching for a second location to call home, Amazon sought a populated area, with a highly educated labor pool, and a strong university system. Luckily, Northern Virginia has all these factors, leading Amazon to select one of its two headquarters in “National Landing”.

Virginia Tech stands as a prime example as to why Northern Virginia is ready to host Amazon. Virginia Tech’s “Innovation Campus” is two blocks from Amazon’s new headquarters. The proximity between the two locations opens internship and research opportunities between Virginia Tech, a leader in education, research, and development and Amazon, a leader in innovation and growth.

Later that day in my Government class we had a class discussion about Amazon’s announcement. I noticed that my peers had mixed reactions on the topic. Some students seemed eager upon hearing my government teacher explain the benefits that Amazon will bring to Northern Virginia. Other students joked about “moving to Woodbridge” after realizing that housing prices will skyrocket affecting their parents.

As the day went on, I asked some of my friends their perspective on the “Amazon Headquarters” announcement. Most of my friends did not feel concerned by the announcement. Their reasoning, they plan to attend colleges in other states where there is not an Amazon Headquarters coming their way. While a few of my other friends said they were excited for Amazon promising to bring in around 25,000 jobs to the area, hoping they can come back to in the future with college degrees and find a job easily.

Personally, speaking I am thrilled for the opportunities that Amazon will bring to Northern Virginia. There is a lot to offer in Arlington from nearby airports to just being a few miles from the nation’s capital, Arlington is ready for Amazon and so are its high school youth.

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