First Impression on Unix/Ubuntu (Entry# 1)

Upon installing Ubuntu over the summer, I was excited to test its functionality. I was eager to see if there were any differences between Ubuntu’s terminal and Microsoft Dos. This excitement only lasted for two days as Ubuntu was not able to boot when I started the computer. I installed Ubuntu 12.04 by following the directions on their home page. The error message said “missing wubuilder…”, and the computer froze on the log in screen. I did some research by reading several blogs, but ended up with no simple solution. Consequently, I decided to re install Ubuntu. It worked normal as before, but I decided to Await till the class begin so that I won’t mess up again.

The first day of class was more about history and the fundamentals of Unix. I was disappointed to learn about the history, but I realized that it was the best way to start. On the weekend, I sat down and completed the first exercise which taught the basic commands. The commands were straight forward and easy to learn. I also believe that this class would help me get a better grade in ECE 3574(Into to Software Engineering) which also uses Unix. My first week of actual Unix experience went really well and I am eager to learn more command and the application of Unix in multiple disciplines.