Week 3 Updates

This was the third week of using Unix for a class related project, and so far I am liking it. Even though the interface is similar to windows office or XP, its the terminal that makes using Ubuntu good. Like I mentioned earlier, in the Unix Command School assignment, the commands are pretty simple and intuitive. While I like the terminal part of Ubuntu, I don’t know how to decrease the screen brightness on Ubuntu. This is destroying the battery life of my laptop. My plan is get it fixed sometime over this weekend.

As far the second assignment goes, it wasn’t too difficult. I had prior experience in python which made me finish the project quickly. It initially took some time to recall python syntax. I thought that the hardest part of this assignment was uploading .py files to github. I was regretting uploading it after realizing that our programs can be seen by anyone with a Github account. Regardless, I realized that if used correctly, this could be an excellent source to share code.

In addition to this, I had my first project due for ECE 3574. The project required us to get command line arguments and carry out some functions in it. The main focus of the project was managing a database. These are my updates with Ubuntu for this week, and check back next week for more.

Command School Discussion

I thought the assignment was good, because we learned through our class mates. Each person was assigned to learn 7 commands and they presented their commands with their group which consisted of 5 members. I thought this initial arraignment was good, because it enables everyone in the class to learn their commands.

Even though this assignment was good, learning commands just by listening to other and memorizing the commands was tough. In order to learn commands, it is required us to practically run these commands in the terminal. Granted that this assignment was a good way to introduce all the commands.

First Impression on Unix/Ubuntu (Entry# 1)

Upon installing Ubuntu over the summer, I was excited to test its functionality. I was eager to see if there were any differences between Ubuntu’s terminal and Microsoft Dos. This excitement only lasted for two days as Ubuntu was not able to boot when I started the computer. I installed Ubuntu 12.04 by following the directions on their home page. The error message said “missing wubuilder…”, and the computer froze on the log in screen. I did some research by reading several blogs, but ended up with no simple solution. Consequently, I decided to re install Ubuntu. It worked normal as before, but I decided to Await till the class begin so that I won’t mess up again.

The first day of class was more about history and the fundamentals of Unix. I was disappointed to learn about the history, but I realized that it was the best way to start. On the weekend, I sat down and completed the first exercise which taught the basic commands. The commands were straight forward and easy to learn. I also believe that this class would help me get a better grade in ECE 3574(Into to Software Engineering) which also uses Unix. My first week of actual Unix experience went really well and I am eager to learn more command and the application of Unix in multiple disciplines.