Polishing the final project

Our team’s final project is just about ready for submission. I was the last one to review and edit the code (along with another team member), and it looked pretty decent. I did want to redo some formatting on some tables there were outputted, and refactor and rename any variables to make things more efficient/eliminate misnomers, but I’m a little short on time, so I’ll unfortunately just leave the code as it is. I’ve asked my other team members to give the code a once over and just give it their general seal of approval, but other than those things, the code is pretty much done. I did debug the code relatively thoroughly, but there unfortunately aren’t too many situations where I can test the code all too effectively, because it parses data from a yahoo account, and we don’t know of many other yahoo accounts that have as much information as the default one that we’ve been using

Oh, and on another note, I’ve figured out some more shortcuts on how to manipuate the Linux UI. For a terminal, Ctrl + Shift + X/C/V can cut/copy/paste, and while Ctrl + Arrow keys can navigate around space delimiters (words), Alt + Backspace can delete words. Alt + 1 can switch to the first tab for something like Firefox, and Ctrl + Alt + Page Up/Down can cycle through tabs

Final Project

For my final project, I’ve gotten my portion of my final project finished, and I’ve emailed the code out to all my group members to work on. There might be a couple issues with my team members making use of the code, but for the most part I believe it’s done. Using python and an imported library called “BeautifulSoup” to parse html was a little tricky at first, but I’ve got it down now and would consider myself an “adept amateur”  at parsing html. A couple of issues me and one member ran into was authenticating thru an online server, and sometimes, if we query the server too many times in a given period, we become rate limited and can’t test out the code for the most part. Luckily, we only got locked out once in a 30 minute period or so, but it does make us cautious of changing one line of code, testing it out, and then trying again from the given results of runtime. We had to make all changes methodical; every run must count! Hopefully it’s almsot done with, and then I can help look over it, polish it, and then we can submit it

Unix HW4

I’m getting more comfortable with Ubuntu now. I’ve learned that with gedit you can use Alt + [a number] to go to the different text files opened up. I’m also pretty comfortable with python now, at least with doing basic stuff. As for HW4, I thought it wasn’t bad. I was able to get 4/5 commands with the extra credit (everything except the set command), I did code the actions files incorrectly though. I feel like this class has a slightly heavy workload for a 2-credit class, but not really to the point where I’m complaining

I’ve gotten my graphics recognized finally on Ubuntu, and I just need a way to underclock my GPU so that it’s not always on full power. I have software for that in Windows, but I don’t know if there are any programs for Linux. After I figure that out, maybe staying booted in Ubuntu will be actually viable…

Feelings on Unix/Linux

I’ve been a Windows user all of my life, and Ubuntu is actually the first time I’ve stepped outside of my Windows comfort zone. As for now, I don’t really mind Ubuntu; It’s sort of there on the side of my Windows, doesn’t really get in the way being on a separate native partition (minus one episode where the Grub bootloader didn’t let me boot into Windows or Ubuntu… had to use the LiveCD to repair it), and I guess it’s something that will still need more time. One of the reasons I’ve been so reluctant to change to another OS until now, at a moment where it was required academically, is because I’m quite proficient with hotkeys in Windows. Ctrl + Alt + Esc brings up the taskman, Ctrl + E brings up My Computer, tabbing and shift+tabbing cycles through selections, then using the Enter key or Spacebar selects items, using Ctrl + Space in Windows Explorer selects specific files, Alt + Enter brings up the properties box for Windows files… these are things I’m very fluent in, and whenever I switch to Ubuntu, I feel very crippled in a way, and I can’t work as efficiently as I can hope to. However, Windows isn’t the only OS with hotkeys, and I’ve already picekd up some useful hotkeys for Ubuntu. The only other thing that’s really bothering me is the graphic lag; I’ll have to have Ubuntu register and recognize my graphics card sometime

As for the different exercises we’ve had to do so far, like command school, the programming assignments, I think I liked the command assigment, and as for python, it seems relatively straightforward and similar to C++. If I had more time and was doing the exercises in the scope of self-learning instead of a school assignment, I think I might mildly enjoy it

Unix Midterm & Project

For the midterm that we all took last week, I feel I could have done a lot better. I didn’t take the practice exam, and I wasted a lot of time getting used to the midterm format and interface in general. I didn’t get enough time to look over the programming section and lost a lot of points in Part 4/5. Fortunately, the exam was only 80 points, in comparison with our last homework assignment, which was 50 points

For our final project, I have a group with an idea set out already, and it seems quite feasible, straightforward, and yet useful in terms of functionality. I’m not all too worried about the project but I suppose I should start on it soon

Oh, and one thing to add to my list of things I dislike in Ubuntu: too many frequent updates! I guess they are non-invasive for the most part and don’t make me restart windows like Windows Updates, but it just seems a bit bothersome, and I don’t like the idea of my SSD being written too constantly by very minor and maginally useless updates

ECE 2534 Post #3

Its been awhile since my last post, and I’ve learned a lot since then. Its been a frustrating rode, from simply trying to submit homework to github. I almost felt it took a lot of random button key presses and i somehow got lucky that i was able to submit it. Just kidding. I just felt the instructions weren’t exactly clear, but in the end i was able to get to the point of submitting homework ( i think with a few extra unintended readmes.) But now that i got a handle of that it shouldn’t be so bad. But speaking of homework, i have been having quite the trouble with them. Just working with the unix environment is still so foreign to me, and i have yet to become familiar with it. I think i’ll make it a goal to start using my virtual machine more often and geting more familiar, because i know its definitely going to be used in our higher level classes. The homeworks take me awhile to do, but they get done, so i’ll definately stop procrastinating these assignments. Especially since the one due this week got extended to next week, i should get working on that as soon as possible. So for now im signing out, but will continue to make post, as i havent been up to date with that.

Firs blog post for unix: ECE 2524

Hi everyone, This is my first blog post for Unix. I have been using windows for most of the time. I am new to unix so I am looking forward to learning it.  Also I am looking forward to coding in python.I know many programming languages like C, C++, Java, and Assembly. All these languages are great, but python is the one I am not introduced to completely. Therefore, I am eagerly looking forward to it. I also looked up at basic introductory Linux commands like ls, cd, rm.

Recently, I have also started programming on the QT platform in Ubuntu for one of my computer engineering classes. So I have another class to interact with Linux. I am looking forward to Intro to Unix and hope to learn a lot this semester.