OBD-II Reader for Scion TC

Last semester I had to design a CAN-BUS transceiver to read OBD-II codes using a PIC microprocessor.  I never actually got the chance to hook up to a car, but I figured this summer I would finally get the chance.  And today I discovered that my car doesn’t even have a CAN-BUS!

Slightly discouraged, I knew there had to be a way for the car to output OBD-II data (this has been a requirement in the US since 1996).  That was when I learned about the ISO K-line.

A project was started about 5 years ago, called OBDuino, and I hope to use that resource as much as possible to get a real time OBD reader going in my car.

Brainstorming Ideas

Today I’ve been exploring possible projects I want to make with Arduino.

I think making a cell phone jammer would be a really cool project to work on, but there seems to be nothing on the net about it for Arduino.  However, I found a very documented cell jammer but it uses only hardware: The Wave Bubble.

Another idea I think that would be simpler to start out with would be a door-lock with a keypad.  I did something with a keypad for school, but that was on PIC architecture and in pure C code.  I would have to do some work to get it to work on Arduino.