Python Programming – reposted

I originally posted this on Sept 19th but it was on the wrong blog. I am re-posting to the correct blog.

Having programmed in C++, Java, Matlab, and some low level languages I thought programming in python would be a piece of cake. This isn’t turning out to be the case. I have about 21 more hours to complete homework 3 and I am far from having it down. Even when going through the “Learn python the hard way” exercises I am not prepared for the homework assignment. I feel like the assignments cover things that aren’t mentioned anywhere in the LPTHW book. When asking others for help they send me the link to LPTHW and tell me to google what I need because python is so well documented.

I don’t really like that kind of learning for a programming language. I know many people had to learn it this way for C++ in the intro class and they struggled with it as well. I’d rather have a separate class for python or allocate more time for python in class. When learning a language you should learn all of the ins and outs instead of a general overview. This opinion may be biased based on the fast approaching due date for HW3 so don’t judge this rant too harshly.