Passwords cracked

An article located here:

details the creation of a super password-cracking machine. For passwords with weak encryption the machine can take it down in around 6 minutes through brute force. This machine can go through aproximately 348billion NTLM passwords per second. From reading the article it seemed like they could crack any Windows XP password within 6 hours. Good thing we’re all running Linux now. But wait, further down in the article they explain that they can brute force through aproximately 77 million MD5crypt passwords. Looks like Linux isn’t so safe either.

In the article they mention the two open sourced technologies used to create this monster. One being  VCL (cirtual open computing language) and HashCat (a password cracking program). The process uses wordlists or dictionarylists to grab the passwords. Having just been to a cyber security meeting on this topic made this article much easier to read. You all should come out, and watch your passwords!