Ubuntu: First Impressions

First, I would like to state that Ubuntu is not the first Linux operating system (OS) I have used. I do have some experience with different versions of BackTrack (BT). Before installing Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, I considered learning BT more in-depth for a class I am taking at Virginia Tech (Intro to Unix for Engineers). However, after installing Ubuntu I decided to stick with it. This was mainly due to the fact that Ubuntu, for me, is a more well designed, well rounded OS. BT is geared more towards the computer security workforce, whereas Ubuntu is more of an Average Joe’s OS.


After booting into Ubuntu, you come to a beautiful login screen. After typing in my password and pressing enter, my desktop seamlessly pops right up. No wait text with a circle next to it, no black transition screen, and no lag to start up a program. The first thing I notice are all the essential programs are installed by default. Programs similar to Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, ect are already installed and on your dock.


Some things worth mentioning:

  1. Even if you don’t like to write command lines, Ubuntu is still an excellent Windows / iOS alternative.
  2. Any program you could possibly want is probably located in the Package Manager (similar to an app store but for programs and more). Which means less time searching for programs and you have one place to go to update all your software.
  3. Most viruses are designed to attack Windows machines. Avoid viruses be switching to Linux.