Final Project Near Completion

Our final project has reached completion. Everything works, the only thing left to do is to play the game for hours on end and try to produce errors, as well as catch spelling mistakes and proper spacing. Since the last post, a great deal of thought went into considering the fighting style of the game. We ended up implementing a Pokémon style, where you take turns with the zombie hitting each other. The player has a plethora of weapons that are obtained thought their navigation of the game. Ammo will be limited and an infinite use knife will be provided at the beginning of the game. The fights also have random components like weapon accuracy and chance of running into a zombie.

It is also worth mentioning the save and load game functions. They both extensively used python’s pickle module. It is used for object serialization. It can dump and load variables to/from files. To see more about this module, you can check it out here.

In all, this project has extensively used python’s dictionaries to store all the needed data. Even our list of available actions is stored in a dictionary. Needless to say, this project has given me greater insight into dictionaries, even more so than Homework 4 did, which dealt with maintaining an inventory of parts.

Chutes and Ladders

My group’s final project is a chutes and ladders game. To best implement the Unix design philosophy of modularity, we decided to create this on a micro-controller  Chutes and Ladders is an easy game to play that mostly everyone knows which incorporates the design philosophy of simplicity. This also easily is extendable to add extra parts to the board or new rules in the coding which implement the unix design philosophy of extensibility. I can go down the line and list some more design philosophies this project implements but I’d like to invoke the philosophy of silence.

Our group is working great together. We have split up the roles of the project that suit individuals’ strengths but we also work together so we all get a better understanding of our weaknesses. I’m looking forward to the final product and the reviews by everyone in the class on how to improve our design. And of course I’m also excited to see what other projects are in store for us to see.

Final Project Update

This semester went so fast and we are reaching the finals week soon. Our goal was to finish our Unix project as soon as we can so that we can study for our exams. Our project incorporates a mixture of command line interfacing and parsing data from on line. Our group is building  a “fantasy football application” in Python. When the user logs in with his user name and password, the data from his fantasy football team will be displayed. This is done by parsing the data that is available on yahoo sports web page when a registered user logs in. The data is then displayed accordingly based on user preferences. We still haven’t finished the park of User interface through command line, but we are pretty much sure that we could finish this by this weekend. In addition, I am also working on the processes home work, but it seems really tough.

In ECE3574, we have finished our project on temperature calibration using message passing. I was not able to complete the whole thing even after taking a day of extension. Our next project is finding primer numbers using Qt designer. Hopefully, I will finish this assignment along with the Unix assignment.

Updated Final Project

We have decided to make each room a folder. However, instead of having folders in folders for our room layout, we will have all the room folders in one subdirectory. We have also decided to use multiple files in each folder for the different actions to use. We have split the project up amongst ourselves. Two people will be coding in python and two people will write the room descriptions, action files, etc. We already have a basic implementation of the project, all we need to do is add some actions, add the room descriptions, and action files.

Final Project and Group Meetings

In the past two weeks, I have met with my final project group twice. We have decided to create a text based adventure game for The Walking Dead. The structure of the game will be based on the Linux filesystem. Each folder will be its own room, with the different directions you can move. For instance the parent folder will go back and child folders to go left/right. Items and other actions will be additional files is the folders. Instead of having the entire game text be in the main python program, we have decided to break it up. We have come up with two ways to do this.

  1. The room description and items have their own text file that the python script will read from. In this case, the program would only need to know its folder location and any items picked up. This would make it easy to create a save game addition.
  2. Every folder has its own python script. In this case, the program would only know the folder location and to call the python script of the folder and wait. The folder python script would contain the room description as well as all actions and items. This would make saving the game be more difficult and would add complexity in keeping the inventory from room to room.

Both cases have different complexities, however, I personally think that case 1 would be the more elegant way to implement the idea.

If anyone has another idea on implementation, feel free to comment.


So the ECE2524 Midterm was yesterday, and it was not that bad.  It took me a little longer than expected, but that was mostly because I was looking things up when I had 4 terminals and the internet up at the same time.  But even with all of that, I still managed to get the entire test done.  I decided not to do the extra credit in the last 15 minutes, mostly because I just got lazy.

Now its time to switch gears and start looking for project ideas.  While there may be an infinite number of options, having open-ended projects like this is…different.  I’m not sure I like it.  I prefer to have a little more guidance on something that is work up to 1/8 of my grade. But at least the test is over, so I don’t have to worry about that anymore.