Midterm Complications

After completing the practice midterm exam, I felt pretty confident going into the actual exam. The questions on the exam were pretty straight forward and somewhat challenging. However, one of the scripts that was supposed to record entries in the terminal did not work. I decided I was wasting too much time messing around with it and decided to leave it as is. Also, one of the questions asks you to correct some mistakes in a program. There was no description of what the program was supposed to do and took extra time to determine if the program was functioning correctly or just functioning. Overall, the exam ended up frustrating me and taking much longer than it should have.



So, the other day (Thursday), I went to my first LUUG meeting. Thursday nights have generally been busy for me to where I have not been able to make time to attend any of the meetings. Although the meeting was very informal and just a large group of linux/unix users, I feel as if I learned a lot while I was there. Essentially, the group discussed news and updates within the linux world which I never would have really found out about otherwise. I look forward to attending future meetings to see what else I can get out of them! On the other hand, I will be preparing myself tonight to be ready for the exam tomorrow.