Week 4/5

Last week was an interesting week.  I was actually looking forward to class.  So, as usual, I packed my uniform and brought it to PT so that I could shower in McComas Hall and get to class on time.  However, disaster struck when I got out of the shower, and realized I had forgotten 2 critical pieces of my uniform in my room, my brown undershirt and my cover (wearing BDUs).  So I weighed my options:  break the regs and go in sweaty pt gear, or follow the regs, and end up missing class.  For better or worse, I chose to follow the regs which had the unfortunate result of skipping class.

Despite this,  I have done my best to keep up with the readings while fighting with the band for time to do homework, and my body which randomly decided that this would be an excellent week to get sick (I have 3 midterms, 2 Wednesday and 1 Friday).  On top of this, I ended up missing all of my classes today (I was supposed to only miss Air Force PT) due to an incentive flight in a C-130.  The original aircraft had an engine failure on landing, so we had to wait for another to come from west virginia.  It was an amazing experience despite the wait.

On the Unix/Python side:  Python seems to be making pretty good sense to me.  I am not using my Debian partition of my harddrive enough though.  Its hard to switch over just because of how much stuff I always keep open (right now, 2 web browsers, email, skype, itunes, 6 word documents, and an excel spreadsheet).  This is after I closed everything that ceased to be relevant…  It also doesn’t help that I just use cygwin and packages from cygwin in order to do all my python and unix homework.  I need to start forcing myself to switch over in order to do class work.