Class Material – reposted

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Knowing someone who took Unix in previous years and who currently uses Ubuntu as his sole operating system. I asked him about what we were learning in the class and how it pertains to actually using the operating system. His response was: that class material is more of a history lesson of how people using Unix/Linux had to use the terminal and commands so much in the past. He gave me an example of one of his assignments was to convert all of the .’s in a text file to ,’s using terminal commands. He said this used to be a difficult thing unless you knew the right commands in terminal, but now you can simply open any text editor and click find/replace.

There are some things in class that are necessary to know before using the operating system (like how to install a file, use sudo). But for the most part the material in class is not how people use Unix today. Of course the python programming and other material is definitely used today. I thought it was an interesting point of view and has adapted my expectations for the class.

Takin’ To [command] School

So for one of the first exercises in ECE 2524, we were assigned a couple UNIX commands and were told we needed to teach them to fellow classmates. Surprisingly, this activity was actually beneficial! The fact that we needed to have enough knowledge to not only know the commands but actually go above and beyond to effectively teach others about those commands made this assignment pretty cool and worth the time put into it. I definitely hope this class has a few more in class exercises because my group was actually cool. We were also able to go through all the commands since everyone was prepared!

Initial Unix Experience

Let me start out by saying I have used a Unix based operating system before, but at the time it was because it was mandatory. I regret that I ever stopped. I think that all computer science and computer engineering students should be forced to use Unix in thier programming classes. We are far too accustomed to dealing with GUI’s, where the navigating is much slower than using a terminal.  I think with enough time using a terminal one will prefer it over using a GUI.

i – intro to unix

Unix/Linux is something that is very new to me. I am fairly familiar with it but only from things I have heard and nothing I have personally experienced. I just finished up the command school assignment not too long ago. I had a list of 7 commands that I had to go through. For the most part, the commands were very straight forward and easy to understand. There were a few that I had some trouble with. The two commands “ps” and “grep” made me think a little harder. I think the main reason why I had some trouble following the commands was due to the mass amount of information each command had in the manual. There are many different options to add on to the commands in regards to what you would like to look for and how you would like items displayed. After looking through a few different webpages and also trying the commands myself, I was able to have a better understanding of what is occurring when the commands are used.Tomorrow, we will be going over the commands in groups and teaching them to one another.

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