ECE 2524 Post #2

This week during our Wednesday lecture we split into small groups and taught each other the set of commands that we had to individually look up prior to the class. I think that this command school assignment was good for me. I learned and got a basis for a lot of new commands, and because I now have a basis and understanding for these commands, if need be, I will be able to easily look up these commands and learn them in more detail. I now know the most common commands and got a better understanding of the way commands and Unix works. This assignment also has made me a little more confident in my ability to get used to this class and Unix. 

The commands we learned were intuitive, simple, and easy to understand. The commands all followed the same command structure. What I mean by this is that every command is used by first entering the command followed by customization options and then the required parameters. Another thing that I found helpful is that the commands don't try to trick you, in the sense that each command abbreviates the action it's supposed to take and just does that one simple task. For example the command to change directory is just “cd” or to remove a  directory is “rmdir”. 

I look forward to doing our next hw, I think it will be a great way for me to get more practice.

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ECE 2524 Post #1

This is my first experience with learning Unix and playing with Ubuntu and I am already extremely excited to be able to use it fluenty. To be honest, as a Computer Engineer who should have some intermediate knowledge of Unix/Linux/GNU, I really didn't have even the most basic background knowledge of it. I was very confused at first doing our first assignment to learn how Unix, Linux, and GNU related to each other, but learned a lot!

Although I'm very excited about this class, I think 'nervous' best describes how I feel right now about the experience. After installing Ubuntu and giving it a short run through I felt very uncomfortable with the OS. I've been so used to using Windows all my life, I felt a little lost and scared in such a foreign system. I believe though that I will just need to continue to use Unix even though I'm uncomfortable with.

I look forward to this semester and blogging about my learning experiences with Unix/Linux/GNU.

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