Group Discussions / Command School

I believe group discussions in class are always fun and interesting ways to learn. Not only do they give you an opportunity to interact with other students, but also helps you come across ideas that otherwise may have been overlooked.

One of the key aspects of such discussion is active participation by all the members. Sometimes there’s also a noticeable difference between how much information is presented by each member. For instance, you may have one member giving pretty good amount of information on a topic, but there might also be a member who just puts forth a simple introduction. Peer evaluation thus becomes an important factor in such group discussions.

Another important factor is to make sure that group members clearly understand what others are trying to communicate. Although this issue usually doesn’t usually arise, it is bound to take place if groups don’t have sufficient time for each member to cover their topic.

Overall these group discussions are a good way to learn things that you’re probably going to go over later.