Making a pop up for a friend

Just for the fun of it and to put my knowledge of linux to use, I’m going to create a program that opens up cat videos from youtube non stop on my friend’s computer. He always brings up these videos randomly to our friends and I and I wanted a program that would make him sick of it himself. A slight problem though is that he uses windows since hes a EE, but hopefully dos is similar to linux. Hopefully this prank goes well and I’ll post about it later with the program if it works. Good luck everyone.

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linux poems

shorter the better
it hits where it needs to hit
for good programming


I’m taking this linux class

I rather program outside in the grass

Although linux is still very fun

and nice to see programs run

I really hope I pass(with an A)


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first post for unix

Linux so far seems to be very exciting operating system. I’m enjoying using the terminal to control my computer with the commands I have never thought of doing in windows or mac. The most difficult task from the class though is the programming with python. It feels very fast paced in needing to learn python and use it for our homework. The github also confuses me a bit, but hopefully I’ll learn to use it fast making turning homework really efficient and easy. Also hopefully by the end of the class I’ll have native installed Ubuntu.



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