xi. The End

So the semester is wrapping up and I am finished with all my assignments for the Unix class. I started off being extremely unfamiliar with Unix and Ubuntu. Now that the semester is through, I can say that I am pretty confident with a lot of the basics with Unix. I have learned so much whether it was from practice problems, homework questions, or written assignments. I am looking forward to practicing more Unix on my own from this point on.

x. Back to the Future

So, it is still Thanksgiving break… I have had a very productive break because I have been doing work for a bunch of my classes! I went ahead and finished my paper for the “Back to the Future” assignment. I actually never read the “Futures” chapter of Raymond’s book, The Art of Unix Programming. Therefore, it was full of new information and extremely insightful. I learned a lot from reading through it. Writing the paper actually took me quite a while because I am still new to Unix. Therefore, I do not know all the little details that go along with Unix outside of what we have learned thus far. From this assignment, I learned more about the history of Unix and also about Plan 9. I wonder where/how Unix will be 10 years from now!

ix. Everyone’s a Poet

So, while I was on the plane the other day I decided to write my poems. Here they are…

- Write a haiku that describes the Unix Design Philosophy

The philosophy
to keep it simple stupid
perfect for design

- Write a limerick describing your personal experience with Linux/Unix or this class

Unix is something that is new to me
all I’m hoping for is at least a “B.”
There are pipes and shells,
even whistles and bells.
Just kidding — but wouldn’t that be funny?

viii. Thanksgiving Break

I am currently on a plane that is boarding for Seattle. I am going to Washington for break because that is where my parents retired. I plan to work on a few unix assignments while on the plane which is what made me think of writing a blog entry. I printed out the poem assignment along with the futures paper. Therefore, I also printed out chapter 20 from, “The Art of Unix.” I will be writing a blog entry later this week with the two poems that I come up with.

vii. unix updates


It has been a while since I have written a blog! I have been really busy lately with all of my classes since the end of the semester is creeping up on us. I actually completely forgot about taking the unix quiz we had last wednesday. Last week especially was a very hectic week for me because my organization had it’s huge annual philanthropy. Although it is extremely unfortunate that I completely forgot about the quiz, my organization helped raise $34,646.47, which is amazing! I am actually going to go ahead and take the quiz now because I think that even though I did not take it on time I am still able to take it up to a week after it is posted? Either way, it is beneficial for me to take it whether or not I receive credit because I will be learning something/testing myself on what I have learned. Well this is all for now!

vi. Unix exam


So last week, I took the unix midterm. All in all, it was very straight forward and similar to the practice exam. I did have a major problem though. I was stuck on Part 4 Question 2 for a very long time. The beginning of the question (“Using the file `files/testdata` as input, “) definitely threw me off. After spending a lot of time on the problem, I realized I should move on with the exam since I still had a huge portion left with a lot of wasted time. I now regret not skipping the question entirely since I could have spent more time on other problems!

Unfortunately, I took the exam early in the morning so I was not aware that the problem was written wrong until we received an e-mail later in the day. In the end, I left that problem blank since I had no idea how to implement the question as it was written. Hopefully this will be taken into consideration when the exam is graded for all of the students that took it early.



So, the other day (Thursday), I went to my first LUUG meeting. Thursday nights have generally been busy for me to where I have not been able to make time to attend any of the meetings. Although the meeting was very informal and just a large group of linux/unix users, I feel as if I learned a lot while I was there. Essentially, the group discussed news and updates within the linux world which I never would have really found out about otherwise. I look forward to attending future meetings to see what else I can get out of them! On the other hand, I will be preparing myself tonight to be ready for the exam tomorrow.

iv. python multiply

Last week we had our homework 2 assignment due. For homework 2 we had to write python code in order to multiply standard input values and values within a file. I personally was not able to complete the assignment very quickly. This was due to not being entirely comfortable with python. Although the algorithms were the same as basically any other programming language, implementing them was what took me a long time. All in all the assignment allowed me to practice my basic coding skills in another language which was beneficial.

iii. so far

I’ve been a little behind on writing in my blog. I ran into a few password/email problems. I worked on the python assignment the other night. For a little while I was having some trouble with it because I have not really worked with python before. After getting into the swing of things I was able to get the first assignment working. I have been overwhelmed with assignments that I was not able to get the second problem working correctly. Therefore, I thought it would be better to use up the extension instead of turning it in incomplete. I will be working on it this weekend and then I will write about my experience with the homework once its complete!

goodbye world.

ii – command school

Today in class we had our command school assignment. I was in charge of learning multiple commands. Four other students were in my group and they were in charge different commands. As a whole we went through all of the assigned commands to try and teach one another what all 35 commands do.

Overall, it was an effective way to learn about Unix commands. I thought it was effective because I took my time to thoroughly learn the commands I was assigned. I believe it worked out well that people were in charge of specific commands because it put pressure on us to know them. Therefore, if a group member were to question us we should be responsible for being able to answer questions about commands.

I found it a little hard to learn the commands my teammates were supposed to teach. Since there is not much space in the room it was extremely hard to hear people when they were talking. One thing that prevented me from really understanding the commands that were being taught was visualization. I prefer to view things rather than hear someone just talk about something. Therefore, if I were to have the commands in front of me with a brief description, I think I would have better understood the commands being taught.

goodbye world.