Programming on Eclipse

As much as I love JAVA and all…I have to say eclipse is the most buggest and glitchiest programmer when it comes to creating android apps. I’m currently taking network applications which develops android applications. This class is a 4000-leveled course and overall this class has been very interesting. I’ve learned more about how to set up a server/client model and also learned how to interface android apps. I find it rather strange that programming android apps can be difficult and very tedious. It’s not a simple drag-n-drop and WYSIWYG type of thing. For any visual display that you have, you would need to interface that with your java through xml (android manifest and such). Anyways, to describe the buggy behaviory…a lot of times when I code the xml, sometimes lines of code will start to dissapear. Pretty much I would have to open up any code pertaining to xml on notepad++. Another thing that irritates me is when errors start popping up out of no where. Even if the code is unchanged, sometimes I will get the “red squiggly mark of doom” throughout my entire code.

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Ubuntu vs Windows 8

So I’ve just recently upgraded my computer to the Windows 8 operating system.
I have to say…damn, I’m very dissapointed.
Maybe its because I do not like change when it comes to things that I’ve grew fond to.

My best discription of Windows 8: Has too much GUI

The GUI is very large like where icons are big (makes me feel like this OS is intended for 90-year-olds).
The overall OS feels like I can’t get its optimal usage without a touchscreen which makes me lead to question if this OS will force me to eventually buy a touchscreen monitor. It took me forever to find the power button to shut down…rather than a 2-step method (start button –> “shutdown”Smilie: ;) its now a 3-step method (hover mouse to top right corner –> Settings –> Power Button). Another thing about Windows 8 is that there’s hardly any apps & most of the apps is not even ready for Windows 8. For example, Skype on Windows 8–> There’s no share screen option. The control of the GUI for skype is very block-like where I feel that I do not have total control over it. Sometimes I just want the skype app to be a window within the desktop display rather than taking the fullscreen of Windows 8. To summarize my experience with Windows 8: It still has potential but it needs more room and time to grow. A lot of the apps does not feel like it is optimal. The screen interface needs to be tweaked to where the user has more “control” rather than more “visual”.

On the Ubuntu end,
earlier I mentioned that Steam (a gaming platform ) will be distributed on the Linux platform. Since most of my classes deal with using Ubuntu and also me being a video game nerd….I will probly adapt to using Ubuntu full-time. Since the GUI of Ubuntu is very customizable (using ccsm), I feel that I have total control over this operating system compared to any other.

I think that about wraps up on this daily post.


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I found an interesting hardware that somewhat relates to the Linux philosophy of open-sourceness (is thats a word).

Check this out:

OUYA was created in 2012 by Julie Uhrman, a video game industry veteran who saw an opportunity to open up the last closed game platform — the TV. Julie and an initial team of game developers and advisors brought the concept to life, with the help of Yves Behar and fuseproject, and took OUYA to Kickstarter in July of 2012. It became one of the most successful Kickstarter projects ever, with tens of thousands of backers pledging to help bring OUYA to life. OUYA’s first consoles will ship in early 2013.

What is OUYA, you may ask?


OUYA is an open-source gaming platform that strays away from the proprietaryness of leading gaming industries such as Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. For purchasing this gaming console, not only that it comes with free-to-play games but also it comes with the full dev kit free to anyone with the mindset or interest of creating a full-scale videogame. Rather than having to purchase $1000s of dollers of equipment and tools that create this software….for $99 you can start creating video games to your heart’s content. The dev kit is based off of android. You can actually build full scale 3D world environments. There’s sooooooo much potential behind this that millions have donated to this company through a “kickstarter”. A kickstarter is a website where donations can made to contribute to a cause. As for this cause, I feel that its a Linux equivalent introduced to the gaming industry. I’m sooo stoked about this!!! I can’t wait!!! Hopefully it would force leading gaming industries to start charging video games for $80+ each upon it’s release. Yet again, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much potential behind this gaming platform cannot wait!!!

The console is said to release early in 2013.

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Steam for Linux

So I’ve just recently heard that Steam will now be on Linux distributions. I’m actually excited about this. If you do not know what Steam is, Steam is a digital distribution, digital rights management, multiplayer and communications platform developed by the Valve Corporation. It is used to distribute games and related media online, from small independent developers to larger software houses. What is cool about Steam is that its a way for me to purchase video games online without the hassle of having a physical copy. I can literally access all of my purchased software through the Steam platform. Another cool aspect of steam is that games is integrated with Cloud. Meaning all of my game progression is stored within the cloud so I can easily play my games through all of my devices without worry of transfering my data save files across the platform.

Steam Logo

As for Steam on Linux’s current state. Is it in Beta as of now. I have not tried it myself but perhaps during winterbreak when I have the time I will.

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Blog Blog

Its been a very long time since I’ve posted in this blog.
So I hope to make this a lengthy one.
Its been months since I’ve used Ubuntu…not only in Intro to Unix but for nearly all of my classes that require programming. I find that using Ubuntu is very convenient when coding and having to use the terminal compared to the Windows platform where terminal commands are somewhat of a hassle.
I find it hilarious when I am in windows terminal trying to use commands that would only work on Ubuntu. For example, “ls” command and such.

I’ve also realized the importance of Unix especially when interviewing for jobs. A lot of the jobs that I have applied for asked if I had experience with Linux and familiar with its overall infrastructure. Although I enjoy using Unix…I still hate python with a passion (only because of the dependency on indentation). If it wasn’t for that I would enjoy python. **end rant**

Hmmm…what else could I say in this blog?
Oh!!! I have been attending nearly all of the LUUG (Linux User Group) meetings and still I am lost. Sometimes I find it difficult to understand what is going on within the meeting unless you are already familiar with Linux (beyond familiar for that fact). Maybe someday I can become a guru to interpret all things said within those meetings. Someday….Someday….

As for the Intro to Unix class itself, I honestly have not been going to any of the classes mostly because of the location being at Litten-Reeves. If the class was located at Whitemore or perhaps Durham, I would have attended all of the classes. Hmmm…as for grades within the class, I am actually concerned since the point system is all over the place. How can assignments be posted as “optional” when you have to do it to get a chance at getting a solid A. For it almost being the month of December, after tallying my grade I still have an F. =( So I really have no idea how well I am doing within the class.

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Ubuntu Ubuntu Ubuntu

Its been awhile since I have blogged about my Unix experience so this is going to be somewhat of a lengthy post.

So far, I’ve learned a lot about Ubuntu and it’s terminal commands.
To open up the terminal, Ctrl + Alt + t
To list what is under the directory, within the terminal type: ls
To change directory within the terminal: cd filename
To make a new directory: mkdir filename
To make a new file: touch filename

For some reason, I’ve found coding on Ubuntu to be more convenient compared to coding on the Windows platform.
Since most of my classes require us to use Ubuntu, I’m slowly adapting to it.

I’ve been going to the Virginia Tech Unix/Linux User Groups meetings (VTLuug)!!! >_< er-mah-gawd those dudes are sooo smart!!!! Most if not all the things they discuss in the meeting is over my head. I realize that there is soo much more to learn about Unix. Hopefully someday, I'll become a guru of Unix.

As for the Intro the Unix class, we started coding using Python. Python is scripting language that is very bleh.
I personally don't like it because it feels soo linear. I feel like you can't do as much with it compared to C++ or Java. >_< The most recent homework, I was forced to hard code everything mostly because I did not understand the full usage of “argparse”.

I guess that wraps up my blog for now.
Peace out!

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My first blog

Hello and welcome to my very first blog post for Intro to Unix Class. This is actually the first time I have ever used a blog. A little about myself, I am pursuing a double major in Electrical and Computer Engineering. This is my senior year and I plan to graduate this spring.

As for my Unix background, I am a complete newb and have no pertaining knowledge to Unix/Linux whatsoever. I am looking forward to learning more about it and how it affects our daily lives.


While installing the Ubuntu platform on my laptop, I had to decide whether or not to do a dual-boot or emulate it over a virtual machine. I tested out both and came to the conclusion that dual-boot is the safest and most reliable way to go for a successful, trouble-free semester.


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