Before I transferred to Virginia Tech, the ECE department forced us to do all programming on a Unix machine on campus that we ssh’ed to. We weren’t allowed to use any IDEs only text editors. I immediately started using emacs, and I got quite used to it. I never thought of using VI until the assignment I was given in this course. After my experiences with vi though I think I’ll stick to emacs and gedit. I make typing mistake way too often and fixing them seems to be too much of a hassle to fix. I know there are some die hard Unix fans and veterans who have no problem and adore it, but I guess it just isn’t for me.

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Initial Unix Experience

Let me start out by saying I have used a Unix based operating system before, but at the time it was because it was mandatory. I regret that I ever stopped. I think that all computer science and computer engineering students should be forced to use Unix in thier programming classes. We are far too accustomed to dealing with GUI’s, where the navigating is much slower than using a terminal.  I think with enough time using a terminal one will prefer it over using a GUI.