Polishing the final project

Our team’s final project is just about ready for submission. I was the last one to review and edit the code (along with another team member), and it looked pretty decent. I did want to redo some formatting on some tables there were outputted, and refactor and rename any variables to make things more efficient/eliminate misnomers, but I’m a little short on time, so I’ll unfortunately just leave the code as it is. I’ve asked my other team members to give the code a once over and just give it their general seal of approval, but other than those things, the code is pretty much done. I did debug the code relatively thoroughly, but there unfortunately aren’t too many situations where I can test the code all too effectively, because it parses data from a yahoo account, and we don’t know of many other yahoo accounts that have as much information as the default one that we’ve been using

Oh, and on another note, I’ve figured out some more shortcuts on how to manipuate the Linux UI. For a terminal, Ctrl + Shift + X/C/V can cut/copy/paste, and while Ctrl + Arrow keys can navigate around space delimiters (words), Alt + Backspace can delete words. Alt + 1 can switch to the first tab for something like Firefox, and Ctrl + Alt + Page Up/Down can cycle through tabs

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