Unix HW4

I’m getting more comfortable with Ubuntu now. I’ve learned that with gedit you can use Alt + [a number] to go to the different text files opened up. I’m also pretty comfortable with python now, at least with doing basic stuff. As for HW4, I thought it wasn’t bad. I was able to get 4/5 commands with the extra credit (everything except the set command), I did code the actions files incorrectly though. I feel like this class has a slightly heavy workload for a 2-credit class, but not really to the point where I’m complaining

I’ve gotten my graphics recognized finally on Ubuntu, and I just need a way to underclock my GPU so that it’s not always on full power. I have software for that in Windows, but I don’t know if there are any programs for Linux. After I figure that out, maybe staying booted in Ubuntu will be actually viable…

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