ECE 2524: Final Project

Hi everyone,
I guess I never wrote about my teams final project. Our team is making a battleship game. So far we have the entire game running on the terminal. We have used QT to build our program. We thought of using QT since couple of people in our group are in Soft engineering class. They mainly use QT for all their HWs. So far the only issues we are facing is the size of different ships. Initially we assumed that the ship size would be 1. This helped us make the code modular and simpler. Now we just to need to fix ship sizes etc. Besides this we also have been looking at making the game multiplier over a WiFi network. Some of the classes that we have been looking at is QAbstractSocket. If we figure out how to setup a simple chat server then we could potentially have the game running over a network as well.

Poems about Unix

Hey all,

I thought I would post my poems here so you could take a look if you wanted.

unix? you ask me
simplicity is the key
only what you need
Unix is not Windows
so it comes with many new woes
many new utilities
none that I can use with ease
virtualbox is even hard to close

Ubuntu 12.10 and ads

Ubuntu has been releasing new versions with what feels like an aggressive release schedule, so I decided to look into upgrading. Before doing so, I always like to read up first on new features and changes. I ran across a story about how Ubuntu 12.10 has Amazon ads pre-installed. While most reviews say it is unobtrusive, the fundamental idea of including ads like this gives me pause.

I don’t know how ‘deep’ this ad code is embedded in the OS, but it does not seem like something that should be the responsibility of an OS. It does not appear to simply be an application that can be uninstalled. It can be turned off in the system preferences, which makes me think it has hooks deeper than just the application layer. With OSes getting larger (and thus more bug-prone), this just feels like an unnecessary addition that can cause more potential problems than it is worth.

What is the difference really?

Throughout the course of this semester, we’ve studied many aspects of unix, linux, and ubuntu.  There are alot of defining aspects that one can easily see but we’ve never really defined the actual difference between linux and Windows.  It’s obvious to see that Ubuntu and Windows are completely different, but it seems like many of the main differences are hidden and skipped over completely.  One can clearly see that the entire GUI layout is different in a linux environment, but what if someone simply added a GUI layer onto Windows and added aliases for the commands? Would Linux and Windows then be the exact same thing? Obviously not.

Almost all Windows instances these days run the NTFS file system while some older systems still probably run FAT32.  Linux instances, on the other hand, usually run on a version of the EXT file system.  What exactly are the differences between the two?

Additionally, another obvious difference is the boot up and run speeds of the two operating systems.  Windows usually takes my laptop about a minute or two to boot up fully while linux requires only a couple seconds.  A simple explanation would be that Windows runs alot more services and programs on startup but I don’t think this is the only reason.  The difference is so dramatic that I think there must be some architectural difference that causes this.

A study of the mechanisms of actions between the two operating system would be a really stimulating subject.  Linux and Windows are so different that I feel they need to be placed in perspective and compared to truly understand the differences and how each accomplishes the same task.  In the end, both operating systems still get the job done and it may come down to personal preference.  Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each would really be helpful in certain situations.

Making a pop up for a friend

Just for the fun of it and to put my knowledge of linux to use, I’m going to create a program that opens up cat videos from youtube non stop on my friend’s computer. He always brings up these videos randomly to our friends and I and I wanted a program that would make him sick of it himself. A slight problem though is that he uses windows since hes a EE, but hopefully dos is similar to linux. Hopefully this prank goes well and I’ll post about it later with the program if it works. Good luck everyone.

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Poetry, the future of Unix, and the final project

I wasn’t expecting to have to do much writing in a class called intro to Unix, but I did have fun with the haiku and limerick assignment. I’m having a little bit of trouble getting enough thoughts and research together to finish my futures paper, but I’ll definitely turn something in by the end of the late submission week. I had a very relaxing Thanksgiving break, but I have a feeling that I’m going to regret taking so much time off with all of the impending due dates within the next couple of weeks. I just hope I can get my group together to really get the final project rolling before we run out of time.

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Unix Haiku & Limerick

My Dad used to say

“Ben, keep it simple stupid.”

Linux says so too.


There once was a boy named Unix

Whose hobbies included coding and electronics.

He programmed all day

Having fun with arrays

Until root demanded he solve some conics.


Everyone’s a poet.

Hello world!

Here’s my first ever attempt at writing poetry, as a part of an assignment for the class:

Simple (Haiku)

Yes, “simple” is the word

Whenever you’re in doubt

Says Unix to the world.


I used to look at computers with amazement when I was two

Never had I thought I will be able to code in python while eating stew.

Python and Unix are amazing tools I would say

And although they don’t make my life easier in any way

They help me understand programming concepts through and through!



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linux poems

shorter the better
it hits where it needs to hit
for good programming


I’m taking this linux class

I rather program outside in the grass

Although linux is still very fun

and nice to see programs run

I really hope I pass(with an A)


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Blog Blog

Its been a very long time since I’ve posted in this blog.
So I hope to make this a lengthy one.
Its been months since I’ve used Ubuntu…not only in Intro to Unix but for nearly all of my classes that require programming. I find that using Ubuntu is very convenient when coding and having to use the terminal compared to the Windows platform where terminal commands are somewhat of a hassle.
I find it hilarious when I am in windows terminal trying to use commands that would only work on Ubuntu. For example, “ls” command and such.

I’ve also realized the importance of Unix especially when interviewing for jobs. A lot of the jobs that I have applied for asked if I had experience with Linux and familiar with its overall infrastructure. Although I enjoy using Unix…I still hate python with a passion (only because of the dependency on indentation). If it wasn’t for that I would enjoy python. **end rant**

Hmmm…what else could I say in this blog?
Oh!!! I have been attending nearly all of the LUUG (Linux User Group) meetings and still I am lost. Sometimes I find it difficult to understand what is going on within the meeting unless you are already familiar with Linux (beyond familiar for that fact). Maybe someday I can become a guru to interpret all things said within those meetings. Someday….Someday….

As for the Intro to Unix class itself, I honestly have not been going to any of the classes mostly because of the location being at Litten-Reeves. If the class was located at Whitemore or perhaps Durham, I would have attended all of the classes. Hmmm…as for grades within the class, I am actually concerned since the point system is all over the place. How can assignments be posted as “optional” when you have to do it to get a chance at getting a solid A. For it almost being the month of December, after tallying my grade I still have an F. =( So I really have no idea how well I am doing within the class.

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