Feelings on Unix/Linux

I’ve been a Windows user all of my life, and Ubuntu is actually the first time I’ve stepped outside of my Windows comfort zone. As for now, I don’t really mind Ubuntu; It’s sort of there on the side of my Windows, doesn’t really get in the way being on a separate native partition (minus one episode where the Grub bootloader didn’t let me boot into Windows or Ubuntu… had to use the LiveCD to repair it), and I guess it’s something that will still need more time. One of the reasons I’ve been so reluctant to change to another OS until now, at a moment where it was required academically, is because I’m quite proficient with hotkeys in Windows. Ctrl + Alt + Esc brings up the taskman, Ctrl + E brings up My Computer, tabbing and shift+tabbing cycles through selections, then using the Enter key or Spacebar selects items, using Ctrl + Space in Windows Explorer selects specific files, Alt + Enter brings up the properties box for Windows files… these are things I’m very fluent in, and whenever I switch to Ubuntu, I feel very crippled in a way, and I can’t work as efficiently as I can hope to. However, Windows isn’t the only OS with hotkeys, and I’ve already picekd up some useful hotkeys for Ubuntu. The only other thing that’s really bothering me is the graphic lag; I’ll have to have Ubuntu register and recognize my graphics card sometime

As for the different exercises we’ve had to do so far, like command school, the programming assignments, I think I liked the command assigment, and as for python, it seems relatively straightforward and similar to C++. If I had more time and was doing the exercises in the scope of self-learning instead of a school assignment, I think I might mildly enjoy it

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  1. It’s interesting that you mention if you were self-learning Python instead of working through the exercises as a school assignment that you’d enjoy it more. Why do you think that is? Could the school assignments be structured in a way to make them more fun?

  2. I’m not sure, I guess it’s because I personally just don’t like assignments in general, and I usually feel forced and rushed into doing it on the last day. As to make the assignments more fun, I’ve thought about it, and that is a difficult question to answer… I think one thing that might be good as an easy opening assignment in the 1st/2nd week is have a sort of assignment where students might have to find 5 things about Linux that works differently than Windows/Mac. That’s just a really rough example, but I think some of the elements that are good here are like how students have to go out and explore Linux in a freelance sort of way. I guess open-endedness in a sense is what I’m getting at. The course is already structured in a similar way, so I’m not sure if that really helps, it’s hard for me to put a finger on it

    I did enjoy the Everyones a Poet Exercise as a small assignment, I think you should keep that assignment for the next 2524 class

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