Unix Midterm & Project

For the midterm that we all took last week, I feel I could have done a lot better. I didn’t take the practice exam, and I wasted a lot of time getting used to the midterm format and interface in general. I didn’t get enough time to look over the programming section and lost a lot of points in Part 4/5. Fortunately, the exam was only 80 points, in comparison with our last homework assignment, which was 50 points

For our final project, I have a group with an idea set out already, and it seems quite feasible, straightforward, and yet useful in terms of functionality. I’m not all too worried about the project but I suppose I should start on it soon

Oh, and one thing to add to my list of things I dislike in Ubuntu: too many frequent updates! I guess they are non-invasive for the most part and don’t make me restart windows like Windows Updates, but it just seems a bit bothersome, and I don’t like the idea of my SSD being written too constantly by very minor and maginally useless updates

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