ECE 2534 Post #3

Its been awhile since my last post, and I’ve learned a lot since then. Its been a frustrating rode, from simply trying to submit homework to github. I almost felt it took a lot of random button key presses and i somehow got lucky that i was able to submit it. Just kidding. I just felt the instructions weren’t exactly clear, but in the end i was able to get to the point of submitting homework ( i think with a few extra unintended readmes.) But now that i got a handle of that it shouldn’t be so bad. But speaking of homework, i have been having quite the trouble with them. Just working with the unix environment is still so foreign to me, and i have yet to become familiar with it. I think i’ll make it a goal to start using my virtual machine more often and geting more familiar, because i know its definitely going to be used in our higher level classes. The homeworks take me awhile to do, but they get done, so i’ll definately stop procrastinating these assignments. Especially since the one due this week got extended to next week, i should get working on that as soon as possible. So for now im signing out, but will continue to make post, as i havent been up to date with that.

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