Dear Students and Parents:

Welcome to a blog devoted to the Political Science and International Studies Program’s fall study abroad program.

Yannis, Aislinn, and I thought it would be a good idea to create a space featuring brief posts about the Political Science Department and International Studies Program’s European Affairs in a Global Context fall study abroad program.  The purpose is to give students and parents information about the program, as well as opportunities for us, the faculty leaders, to provide commentaries on current events bearing on the subjects we will be exploring throughout the fall semester.

Because this program features excursions to several European countries, we think it makes sense to chronicle some important developments — political, economic, and cultural — in the countries we will be visiting, and to provide some suggestions for further reading on issues that will figure prominently on our trips.

What follows, then, is a bit of history about this program as well as commentaries, and some links to news stories, that we would like to highlight as we prepare to return to Virginia Tech’s Steger Center in Switzerland in the fall of 2021.

We’ll keep these blog posts fairly short, and hopefully they’ll prove to be informative.  We hope you enjoy this opportunity to explore European politics, culture, and political economy with us.

Scott Nelson