Each one, teach one

Each one, teach one.  Its not a new concept, or one that’s very difficult to understand.  There’s no hidden meaning behind it.  In fact, its very direct: each one, teach one.

Its kind of empowering isn’t it?  Not only do you have knowledge, but you have the ability to share it! It implies a give and a take relationship between two people about a certain body of knowledge.  Each person with knowledge shares it with another.

So why can’t we set up our classrooms that way?  I mean who really is the teacher at any given moment in time.  Is it someone with designated authority from a centralized administration or is it whoever happens to be sharing knowledge with others?

Sometimes educators focus on the second half of the sentence too much.  They feel the need to be in control, up in front, and everyone learning from them.  But that’s not always going to work.  In fact, there are many times when others will have more knowledge.

Instead of focusing on the the second half of that statement, we as educators need to focus on the whole message in its entirety.  We need to set up learner centered environments were each person in the class becomes a teacher.  Each individual has experiences that will enrich a classroom discussion and brings those to the table.  Instead of one focal point of knowledge, the class has a collective wealth of information to tap into.

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