My name is Drew Campbell and I am a first year master’s student in the Animal and Poultry Science department and I use he/him/his pronouns. I did my bachelor’s here, in APSC, with an emphasis in Companion/Lab and Equine animals. I also have solid amount of undergraduate research experience in Dr. Eric Wong’s lab and in Dr. Susan Lamont’s lab doing molecular biology and immunology work. Now, I work for Dr. Leonie Jacobs in animal welfare and molecular biology.  Generally, the way animals are treated in animal agriculture could use some work and I want to be instrumental in changing that. Coming into VT as a freshman, my dream was to be a veterinarian. If you know very much about the Animal and Poultry Science department, EVERYONE wants to be a veterinarian. However, during my sophomore year I began to do research in Dr. Wong’s lab and fell in love with the process. The planning, way of thinking, and analysis that goes into a research project fascinates me, and helped me to decide to go to graduate school instead of veterinary school.  Eventually, I want to get my PhD and become a professor of a college/university. If I am not in the lab, I am usually playing basketball and/or video games or going on hikes and camping trips with my girlfriend and her new puppy. An interesting anecdote about me would be that I am really good at archery. I started archery with my dad so that I could learn how to bow hunt deer and turned out to be really good. I used to compete, however, I lost interest in the competitive side a few years ago. I’ll still smoke you in an archery competition though.

I am taking this class because it is a requirement for my master’s degree. However, I am also excited to learn from others perspectives and previous life experiences.  Anyway, here is a picture of my new step-pup!






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  1. I am totally with you, the treatment of animals in agriculture can sometimes be pretty appalling. Even though I am engineer and in no way connected to a profession that deals with animals, I am what some would call an “animal person”. Growing up in Oklahoma you see things that are really disturbing. People see animals as property and not living being and it hurts my heart. I know this class is a requirement, but I am glad you are here. I can’t wait to learn more about you and your journey.

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