The Light-Up Duct Tape Tie



^ The tie when off.


^ the tie when on

Skills used:


Duct Tape, basic Electrical Engineering



It is a rather well known fact that a tie is a critical part of a man’s formal attire. It is also a surprisingly well-known fact that I am the Virginia Tech Duct Tape Guy. I decided to combine my love of duct tape with my love of creative, yet questionably professional formal attire.

This is actually a part of my duct tape prom suit, but has since been refurbished to be more colorful and feature the VT logo.

As with any major design, the best way to test it is a real event. The first time I wore this formally was to a luncheon with the (then current) president of Virginia Tech, Charles Steger, over the summer. After posing for a few pictures and dealing with a couple of surprised looks, I felt confident that it was a successful design.

Then came the real test. Early fall semester, I attended a job fair put on by the Student Engineer’s Council. However, I knew that since I was a mere freshman, I was attempting to get my name out more than actually land a job. What better way to stand out than with a light-up duct tape tie? I used this, along with my water bottle résumé, as an ice-breaker to speak with companies. The whole event was a massive success.

Skipping forward to the end of spring semester, the tie scored its greatest victory, when it, along with the laser-cut business cards (1.1) and 3D printed glasses and cell phone case, earned me a job at a start-up design lab on campus. You can read the full story here.



    • You can always judge a man based on his tie.
    • Literally every formal event requires a tie, and this tie says “Yes sir, I’m an engineer.”
    • The batteries on this device last extremely long (have only needed to change them once this whole year)
    • This is critical to my image as “The Duct Tape Guy.”


    • If I am expected to actually be formal, then this is useless, and even possibly degrading, to my image.
    • It requires duct tape to keep in place.


Opportunities for improvement:

It seems a little too small. The image doesn’t show the color or size very well, but it is too short. I also feel that it needs to have an arduino and an array of lights that can act as a screen.



It has taken me way to long to post this review, but I have used this thing out. From meeting the president of the university to attending a job fair to actually getting a job with it, I have seen its power. Once again, duct tape has not failed me.

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