Bottle Résumé 2.1 is complete.



^A view of the main label down the side.



^ A much larger QR code for scanning.


^The layout of the label as a whole

Skills used:

Microsoft Word



Since résumés require practically constant updating, I tried to rethink my bottle version as well as my paper version.

Looking back, I thought 1.2 was … really kind of horrible. Most of the label was faded due to the precision required of the printer and overall it was a mess. There was too much negative space and the words were all in 3 font and impossible to read. To make it worse, I felt that the bottle shape was too mainstream to stand out.

To counteract all of these issues, I got some of the Norwegian artisan water Voss, which comes in a cylindrical bottle, allowing me to extend the information downward on the label. The current model has mostly 9 font, and is rather nice. I also added some decaling to the lid, which is also a nice cylindrical shape. This is also the first version of my resume bottle to utilize my logo.

The pictures shown here are of the prototype, which has some crinkled tape. I was going to just use this, but then someone broke the “discard if broken” seal on the edge. Oh well. Gives me an excuse to make it better.



    • Has been updated to include my grades from spring.
    • Now includes my logo.
    • The font is much larger and easier to read.
    • It looks sleeker and better suits my style.


    • The bottle is a Voss artesian water bottle. Don’t get my wrong. I like it a lot, but it ain’t cheap.
    • It might just be me, but I feel it is missing an opening somewhere. I almost feel by covering up all the viewports, it makes the bottle seem like it isn’t actually filled with water.
    • The tape holding the design together is rather messy on the top, because there is no easy way to lay it down flat.
    • Despite being larger, the QR code is actually quite hard to read.


Opportunities for improvement:

For starters, I have to add some viewports. After that, I have to clean up the tape a little bit. At this point it’s a design game.



I think it is an improvement over my previous versions, but is far from the final design.

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