Laser-cut business cards version 1.1 have arrived. Watch out world.





Skills used:

Rhinoceros CAD software


Being that I don’t have a job (as of 4/21/14), I am not entirely sure why I need business cards. However, the time is always right to make something cool. These contact cards feature my name, email address, phone number, my favorite quote, and a QR code that links up to my gateway site.

However, the most distinguishing factor of these cards is the fact that they are laser cut from pure basswood (I have a couple of cool acrylic ones, but they are less than stellar, and the QR codes are unreadable).

The QR codes themselves are an interesting point. Since the laser cutter does not have a setting for basswood, I had to go through a couple of not-cut-all-the-way/light-on-fire trials to get it to a reasonable point of order. However, a quarter of the way though printing, I noticed that the QR codes were not easily readable because of some of the residual burning, so I lowered the power. The result is that 75% of the QR codes are readable, and the other 25% are difficult to read, but it is possible. The acrylic models however, are impossible to read.

Still, a stack of burnt wood looks quite nice, and given the right atmosphere, can be a real aid to my cause.



    • Looks professionally made.
    • Extremely creative, and draws attention to me in a stack of others.
    • A unique style of business card that can get the attention of recruiters.
    • As many of my fans (a rather grandiose term for “people who know me”) understand, I like to bend the rules of professionalism (see “water bottle résumé” and “light-up duct tape tie”), and this is right up my alley.
    • I, for one, have always liked the smell of burnt wood. Must be from my boy scout background.


    • 25% of the QR codes are unreadable, which may cause an issue down the line, depending on who gets what card (if I hand a non-working one to a really nice company, it may hinder my efforts). [===Update (4/22/14) === All of the wooden cards are readable, but some require special lighting (holding it at a 90 degree angle), since QR codes are read based off of shape and contrast.]
    • I need a laser cutter to cut more. I am thinking of building a desktop version dedicated entirely to this purpose, but that Is way down the line.
    • Much thicker than a standard business card (about five or six times as thick).
    • A stack of them is inconveniently large.


Opportunities for improvement:

I really need to make these thinner. The size makes them inconvenient to carry around. The acrylics are a tenth of an inch thick, while the wood ones are slightly larger.



For what they are, they are really nice. This is one of those times that I can genuinely say that this version is better than the original in terms of creativity, style, professionalism, and general positive attributes. I will likely take these with me to career fairs and hand them out as necessary. Look out world, I’m on my way.


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