3D Printed Glasses





Skills used:

Autodesk Inventor, spatial reasoning


A pair of 3D printed glasses made on the uPrint in Lee Hall. I made the frame in inventor and printed it out, then put in prescription lenses I pulled out of an old pair of glasses that I had lying around.

This is actually the second version of this idea, and the original was extremely flimsy. For those of you who don’t know, 3D printer material is durable, but extremely brittle, and my original pair succumbed to this fault. This newer edition features a beefed-up form, as well as some stylish slots in the sides.

However, this version’s most outstanding feature is the inclusion of two flashlights in the sides. These flashlights run on standard button-cell batteries, which are easy to replace.

During field testing of version one, one of the waitresses at the ice cream shop I go to referred to my glasses as “legendary.”

[== Update 6/7/14 == I, with a heavy heart, regret to inform the world that these glasses were killed in action today on the volleyball court outside of Campbell Hall. They will be sorely missed.]

(The IPT and STL files for this part have been made freely available here.)


    • It is a pair of glasses which I use every day.
    • It has flashlights in it. I have found this to be especially useful when working with electronics.
    • It shows others that I know how to use a 3D printer.
    • It makes me legendary.


    • If you will ever see a stereotypical pair of “nerd glasses,” this would be it.
    • The material is brittle, and every time I use it I risk breaking it.
    • The lenses are old, and slightly out of tune from my current prescription.
    • It’s rather bulky, and It does not fold.


Opportunities for improvement:

A folding joint would be helpful. Since this version does not fold, it just sits on my desk since I can’t put it away.



Cool thing. Interesting idea. Not horribly practical as a pair of glasses, but more of a statement that I can work the necessary devices like Autodesk Inventor, etc.


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