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After learning about the history of domestication these last couple of months, I have grown an appreciation towards animal science and history. Thus, after learning about another ungulate: the reindeer (The Reindeer People), I decided to go with another, the donkey. The ungulate mammal category is very resourceful and they are necessary animals for human life and globalization. The information being brought about is as follows:


I) The evolutionary history of the donkey

II) Early contact with humans

III) Alterations to the donkey from domestication

  1. last several thousand years
  2. last five hundred years
  3. last 50 years

IV) Historical Contexts/moments of the donkey with humans

  1. Egyptian Culture
  2. In the Bible
  3. The Mining Donkey

V) Conclusion

VI) Bibliography

With all of this I will include how donkeys aided humans in globalizing during early human societies.

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