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Today’s industrialized society is in high demand of globalization. McDonalds, Walmart, you name it, products need to be moved from point A to point B, and nine times out of ten in a speedy manor. Not only that, but people are in high demand of transportation. However, this isn’t a relatively new idea, being that humans are always ready to expand, travel, and distribute their products.

In the beginning of globalization, I would argue that humans were trying to expand their culture, not necessarily themselves however. Imports and exports of foreign goods, spices, medicines, etc. were the first few things that were globalized in a sense, and much of that was thanks to the domestication of the donkey. Not long after that, there was this demand to globalize humans around the world. Traveling far distances, leaving the homelands for something new, donkeys aided in expansion in this sense as well. Now, as transportation and globalization of goods and people are more easily accessible, the donkey usage is on the decline, but the demands for globalization are not. Now, it’s not necessarily the goods or the people that we worry about transporting, it’s information. With the internet growing exponentially, the drive for fast, correct, and useful information or news is at an all-time high.

It may be hard to make the connection between the jackass and our need for fast, instantaneous news and information. But there is clear evidence that this is the case, seeing as how much the donkey was a beast of burden for humans for thousands of years. By domesticating donkeys (and later horses and camels), and beginning the effort to globalize products, humans, and information, humans were able to set the ropes for thousands of years of worldwide expansion.

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