Dogs and Their People

Welcome! If you’re viewing this site, it probably means you’re a dog person- or at least interested in the story behind how the domestic dog has become such an integral part of human culture and history. Dogs were the first domesticated animal ever, and their prestigious position as “the original” among modern domesticates is made even more interesting by the fact that unlike later domesticated animals, dogs were not domesticated for food. Thousands of years of selection and breeding has shaped the dog into the animal we recognize today as man’s best friend.

Dogs have been our protectors, our workers, and our companions. The This site explores the many facets of the rich history of their evolution, domestication, and assimilation into human culture. The summaries presented here represent my own interpretation of the story, as informed by a variety of scientific facts, historical findings, and personal experience. I’ve attempted to use a variety of sources, both recent and old.

The biggest question I’d like to examine: 

Has domestication been mutually beneficial for dogs and humans alike?

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