Too Stressed to Eat: The College Student Diet

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Today I want to talk about a topic a lot of college students may ignore: proper eating habits. As we all know, college students are (for lack of a better word) broke. They can hardly afford to hit the grocery store weekly, let alone take the time out to prepare a delicious, nutritious meal. The food from the cafeteria …tries its best to be a healthy substitute, but can only do so much, especially at smaller, poorer universities. As a result, college students spend a lot of time cramming fast food and other junk into their diets to satisfy that hunger.

Numerous studies show that college students in the US tend to eat less fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, opting for higher calorie, high fat snacks. A study by the American College Health Association revealed that a mere 7.3% of students eat 5 or more servings of fruits or vegetables daily. Doing so can cause students to become malnourished, leading to mineral deficiencies.

So why do students eat so poorly? Many cite cost as the primary reason, others purely for taste, and still others for convenience. Regardless of the reason, one thing is clear: we have to start promoting healthy eating habits at universities. While focusing on academics is important, obesity rates are still rising and show no signs of slowing down. If we can show our future leaders the value of dietary health, perhaps when they move into the workforce as leaders and educators, they’ll bring their knowledge of healthy eating with them and pass it onward. It may be wishful thinking, but the obesity epidemic MUST be halted, and the best way to start is talking to the youth.

Why do you think college students eat so poorly? What do you think we can do to change them? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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Yo everyone, hope your having an amazing day! I wanted to first touch on what I hope to accomplish with this blog. I’m currently a 2nd year PhD student with a passion for health and fitness, and us grad students aren’t exactly loaded. Now, many people think that living a healthy lifestyle is about buying organic, swallowing tons of pricey supplements, and getting an expensive gym membership. It’s my mission to prove to the world that that is is NOT the case! I want to dispel the myth that you have to shovel out cash to be in shape while providing evidence-based tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


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