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Yo! I hope everyone’s having an amazing day! Today I’d like to talk about a product whose use has increased exponentially in the last decade, and that product, my friends, is social media. Social media has become one of the most widely recognized and globally used platforms in the modern age, showing no signs of slowing down. Many of us use social media on a daily basis for hours at a time, but it can also serve as a distraction from our daily duties. Students are quite prone to using social media as a means of avoiding tasks they deem as tedious or boring. As a result, faculty members in higher education have begun utilizing social media platforms to keep students engaged in learning.


A study by King, Greianus, Carbonaro, Drummond, and Patterson (2009) showed that integration of social networking into an inter-professional team course in healthcare caused growth in communication skills. Sadaf, Newby, and Ertmer (2012) conducted a study questioning soon-to-be teachers on whether they plan on using social media in upcoming classes; about 51% percent reported that they will, believing that it will increase student engagement. Many graduate students utilize blogging sites such as Ning as a tool to communicate on each other’s work and share information (Brady, Holcomb, and Smith, 2010).


Despite there being some apparent use for social media social media in the classroom, some faculty disagree with at the very least, the platform being utilized. In a study by Roblyer, McDaniel, Webb, Herman, and Witty (2010), faculty were less likely to use Facebook in the classroom, stating that students communication about coursework was the least likely to happen on the platform.


In this modern world, social media doesn’t appear to be leaving anytime soon. While many view it as a distraction, the new generation of educators have been raised along side it and understand how to properly utilize it. By incorporating social media in to lectures and other educational settings, we can potentially revamp an ancient and outdated system. These are just my thoughts and I’d love to hear yours. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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