Future of the University

Higher education is not a perfect system. There are many flaws at an individual university level, a national level, and a global level. Reevaluating the education system is should be a priority and is something that I plan to contribute to as a faculty member. Of all the things I wish to see change in the future, perhaps what I’d like to see the most is abandonment of the standardized testing system. In my eyes, it makes no sense to spend around 12 years in primary school, only for one singular test to define and limit your options for higher education. This system is in place in countries across the globe and has been for several decades, despite more and more evidence that the scores earned in these exams do not accurately reflect individual intelligence or problem solving skills. Furthermore, the immense amount of pressure placed on students to be successful on the exams is crippling. Excessively trying to make sure students perform well on these exams almost ensures that they won’t. When you limit a student to a silent, fluorescent-lit room and ask them to complete hundreds of (intentionally misleading) multiple choice questions that most adults couldn’t, the results are going to be tragic. Then to limit the student’s higher education options based on this absurd test with outlandish conditions, it just doesn’t seem to be the greatest way to go about it.

I believe that if we develop a more reasonable means of evaluating student skills and knowledge instead of a standardized exam, we can open more doors for youth and allow them to attend universities that better suit their needs.  We should want more students attending colleges; a higher education rate often leads to better jobs and incomes, and perhaps with time, a more intelligent society. Standardized tests themselves are (in my opinion) a misnomer. People do not learn in the same manner as others and education can differ from classroom to classroom. There is no set standard of teaching that that leads to 100% retention. With that being the case, then there should not be a standardized exam but a more personalized exam, catered to evaluate the individual student rather than hundreds of students that actually partake in this exam.

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