Backfile of BioMed Central works by VT contributors now in VTechWorks

In another blog post, we mentioned that new BioMed Central articles from Virginia Tech contributors are automatically deposited into VTechWorks.

At that time, we had about a dozen items from this service. BioMed Central has now given us access to the backfile, and we now have over 175 open access articles from BioMed Central in VTechWorks. There are also many duplicates that will need to be carefully weeded.

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Virginia Library Association Conference and Paraprofessional Forum Reports are available at DLA

Virginia Library Association 2011 Annual Conference Portsmouth, Virginia • October 27–28 Keynote speakers command rapt attention. At far left is Steve Almond, author of the story collections My Life in Heavy Metal and The Evil B.B. Chow, the novel Which Brings Me to You (with Julianna Baggott), and non-fiction books. At left is Rebecca Kamen, whose work explores the nexus of art and science, informed by wide ranging research into cosmology, spirituality, philosophy and science.

Digital Library and Archives hosts Virginia Libraries, the quarterly journal of the Virginia Library Association.

Issue 2 of each year includes a report of the Virginia Library Association Conference. The most recent is the 2011 VLA Annual Conference Report.

Issue 4 of each year includes a repot of the Virginia Library Association Paraprofessional Forum. The most recent is the VLA Paraprofessional Forum 2011 Conference Report.

The conference reports includes synopses of the sessions and colorful photos by Pierre Courtois, photographer for the Library of Virginia.

If you are considering attending one of these conferences or presenting at one, this is a convenient way to learn more about them.

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Submit records to VTechWorks without attached files

VTechWorks, the institutional repository at Virginia Tech, now allows users to submit metadata records without attached files.

This change was made in preparation for upcoming support of large video files in VTechWorks.  VTechWorks is currently configured so that file uploads greater than 512 megabytes are disallowed. In order to submit very large video files, users can create their metadata records first, and then contact the DLA department to assist with the video upload.

For more information about how to submit items to VTechWorks, please contact Nathan Hall.

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