VTechWorks website enhancements

We have made a few recent changes to the VTechWorks website.

To make the website easier to use on smaller screens, we’ve removed the word cloud and moved the search box to the top of the home page, http://vtechworks.lib.vt.edu/. The search box is larger. To its left, we’ve added a drop down menu with a selection of search types. This list includes several new searches: “Subject,” “ETD Advisor,” and “ETD Department.” The “Keyword” search now searches all metadata fields. We have also increased the font size and contrast in the navigation bar.

Each community and collection now displays an item count. On the “Communities & Collections” page, http://vtechworks.lib.vt.edu/community-list, the communities and collections list can be expanded and collapses, as desired.

Your feedback is welcome.

About Anne Lawrence

Anne Lawrence is the Repository Application Administrator for VTechWorks. Previously, she was the Online Editor for the Digital Library and Archives, both at the University Libraries of Virginia Tech.
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