DSpace 4 Testathon! Help to improve software!

DSpace is the software that VTechWorks, the institutional repository, is based upon.

There is a demonstration version of DSpace 4, the next release, set up at demo.dspace.org. The DSpace 4 Testathon runs from November 4th to November 15, 2013. During the Testathon, everyone is encouraged to visit the demonstration system and look for bugs and other issues.

Testing is hard work; it is tedious and time consuming. Users submitting useful problem reports have been known to win prizes in the past, but there is other value to participating in the Testathon. By participating, you are helping to improve an open source software system that provides access to academic content.

DSpace now has several interfaces. The interface on the demo site that is most like VTechWorks is at http://demo.dspace.org/xmlui/. There are usernames and passwords on this page that will allow you to submit items and to administer the site as a super user.

You can submit feedback by using the Feedback tab on the right side of demo.dspace.org, or you may e-mail your feedback to Keith to be communicated to the team working on this release of DSpace.

Please ask if there are any questions, or if you would like help to get started in testing.

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