Embargo support added to VTechWorks

A new feature has been added to VTechWorks in support of the open access policy that was recently approved by the Library Faculty Association. Occasionally, authors and journal publishers will agree that an “embargo” period should pass before an article is made available to the general public in an institutional repository.

When you submit an item to VTechWorks using the web interface, you will be given an opportunity to provide embargo information for each file that is uploaded.


The field labeled “Embargo Access until Specific Date” accepts a date in one of the three given formats. If a date is entered here, the file will be unavailable until after the specified date. After the date, the file will automatically be made available to the public.

If this field is left blank, it is assumed that there are no embargo terms for this file, and that it is to be made immediately available when the item is accepted into the repository.

The “Reason” field allows the uploader to provide a reason, such as “journal policy”, for an embargo.

This new feature of the DSpace repository software was contributed by @mire, and was brought to VTechWorks through the efforts of Chris McCarty, who continues to upgrade and improve the digital repository.

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