New VTechWorks collection – Computer Science Technical Reports

A new collection has recently been added to VTechWorks, the institutional repository hosted by the University Libraries at Virginia Tech.  The collection, Computer Science Technical Reports, is a set of approximately 1,000 open access reports from the computer science department going back from 1973 until today.

These reports were previously maintained in a departmental repository. The computer science department will retire the current system, and has been working with Digital Library and Archives to move the content to VTechWorks.

Chris McCarty, a Computer Engineering student here at Virginia Tech, created tools to harvest the metadata and documents for the collection from the existing repository so that they could be transferred to VTechWorks. He has also made numerous changes to enhance display and search of items in the collection.

Chris is now working on the final phase of the project, simplifying the submission of future technical reports. The computer science department continues to produce these open access documents, and we hope that department members will be encouraged to self-submit new reports.

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