Video playback in VTechWorks

The Digital Library and Archives unit is running a test for inline playback of videos within VTechWorks.  The playback is meant to work with iPads and other modern mobile devices with high speed connections, as well as common desktop web browsers.

vtechworks video playback
Click to go to VTechWorks video example.

Here are items where video playback is currently enabled.

Virginia Tech Tribute

Gail presenting about ETD copyright

Zheng Zhang – Many Core Architectures

1997 Cooperative Extension video, digitized by Innovation Space and re-encoded by Tracy Gilmore

In order to support video playback on many systems, videos have been encoded in two versions.

  • mp4 with h.264/aac encoding, moov atom at front of file
  • webm with vp8/ogg vorbis encoding

If the tests are successful, we plan to refine our workflow and make other content available with this feature, including computer science seminars, guest lectures by Jon Udell, and the visible scholarship series.

Please note any problems with video playback in the blog comments.

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