Virginia Tech has embraced a new organizational model entitled InclusiveVT to provide the “scaffold” for “success in distinguishing Virginia Tech as the exemplar for the modern land-grant research university” that includes “a bold and reinvigorated inclusion agenda.” – President Timothy Sands

InclusiveVT, a framework that creates active, intentional engagement of Virginia Tech communities in efforts and initiatives that advance inclusion at Virginia Tech, was adopted in July 2014 by President Timothy Sands.  This new approach is led by the President’s Inclusion and Diversity Executive Council, the Inclusion Coordinators, the Advisory Community and the Senior Advisor to the President and Vice Provost for Inclusion and Diversity.  InclusiveVT includes the affirmation of the campus’ Principles of Community, the Strong Together message and the Diversity Strategic Plan.

This site was developed to complement the InclusiveVT website, to encourage interactions via social media including blogging, feature current activities of InclusiveVT and archive the reports and more.  On the InclusiveVT website, you can information about the framework, initiatives, resources, alumni connections and more.  See current and upcoming events and read about the news during the past year.

Visit the site regularly for updates. For more information about the 2014-2015 report of InclusiveVT, please click here.  You will be able to read the following sections on line:  message from President Sands, current status of inclusion and diversity, facts and figures, and inclusiveVT initiatives and recommendations.  Specifically, this includes also reports from constituencies and caucuses, data, summary of the 86+ original initiatives, progress and initiatives updates (Summary initiatives with progressSummary of initiatives with progress by unit), and recommendations.   In addition, you will find a “pdf” version of the report.

Check out InclusiveVTExplorer to see the inclusiveVT initiatives and programs.

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