Blog Post 2: Women in Graduate School

Recently a friend of mine shared with me that a man she had dated told her, “Women don’t need PhDs.” As someone who is in a lab with five young women whom I feel are all smarter than me, I would have to whole heartedly disagree with this statement. Knowledge is universal after all, it is not something that is confined to a specific gender or ethnicity even if the pursuit and furtherance of an individual’s knowledge had face such restrictions in the past. This statement did however strike my curiosity, making me wonder just what exactly the statistics on degree were earning graduate students when compared on the basis of gender. I was surprised to learn that, according to the Council of Graduate Schools, women earned the majority of doctoral degrees overall and this was the case in all but a handful of subject areas. This is statistic is certainly something that I will have to keep in mind when discussing the topic of gender with in higher education.

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