Black and African American caucus

black caucusMission

The mission of the Virginia Tech Black Faculty/Staff Caucus is “…to promote the wellbeing of Black faculty, staff and students of Virginia Tech; to assertively push for the recruitment of Black faculty, staff and students; to assist in the recruitment and retention of Black undergraduate and graduate students at Virginia Tech; to encourage equitable utilization of Black faculty, staff and students throughout the university community; to be a liaison between the Black faculty, staff and students and the university administration; and to organize and maintain a support network for Black faculty, staff and students at Virginia Tech.”

The Black Caucus is the oldest remaining caucus at Virginia Tech. Since 1981, the Virginia Tech Black Caucus has been an integral part of the Virginia Tech community. With its first President, Overton Johnson, the Black Caucus was chartered to be an active instrument of change at Virginia Tech. Through enacting its mission, the Black Caucus has experienced successes, yet continues to struggle with the challenges of helping to transform Virginia Tech to a 21st century institution of higher education. These challenges require a strong Black Caucus presence and active involvement in day-to-day operations of all units that influence the functioning of the administration, faculty, staff, and students. The Black Caucus has answered the call of the University through participation in and implementation of many activities with the goal of achieving diversity, and ultimately, inclusive excellence. We remain committed to the transformation of Virginia Tech, and thus, have organized and streamlined our activities to optimize efficiency and effectiveness.


The Virginia Tech Black Caucus has a website and can be found on Twitter (@VTBlackCaucus).

Included in the 2015 Inclusion and Diversity report is the caucus report entitled Black caucus 9-15

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