American Indian caucus


Statement of Purpose

The American Indian community at Virginia Tech constitutes one of the most underrepresented groups on campus. The nascent American Indian caucus strives to eradicate those obstacles that inhibit a welcoming climate for indigenous peoples, and to foster a sense of community and inclusion for American Indians without promoting exclusion. This includes creating and sustaining venues and organizations where American Indians can come together as a group and celebrate their shared experiences and differences, while advancing a rigorous program to educate the public on the value and contributions of indigenous cultures in all realms of knowledge and experience. The American Indian caucus also strives to build and strengthen ties between the university and its various academic and engagement units, and indigenous communities on a regional and national scale.

The Native@VT student group can be found on Facebook and on Twitter (@NativeVT).

Included in the 2015 Inclusion and Diversity report is the caucus report entitled American Indian Diversity and Inclusion Report 2015.

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