Adventures in Building a Website: Part Two

Even with a WordPress theme, I feel like I’m in over my head.

I started off with this theme, but realized it was just WAY TOO BIG. CAPACIOUS.
website vsn 1

As you can see, there’s just way too much SPACE. This is a tiny little clip, but still…it’s just really spread out. I thought it looked weird, so I tried a few other themes and settled (for now) on Pinboard:
website vsn 2

This, too, isn’t exactly my first choice for a web design…but I like it better. I’m considering changing the background to a different color so it doesn’t seem so…I don’t know, stark?

The problem, it seems, is lack of visuals. I’m not a visual design person, and my work doesn’t lend itself well to visuals. So I would have to use somewhat unrelated visuals, I suppose. It seems really boring without something. But what? What can I use that’s not created by my work?

I’m open to suggestions, y’all. Kinda feeling stuck here.

Also: I can’t figure out how to add any little widgets or whatever they’re called. Hopefully that problem will be solved in class tonight.

Y’all, building a website is HARD.



Adventures in Building a Website: Part One

I’m in that age group that got caught in the middle of all the “tech stuff” and the internet boom. It seems like about half of us kept up with it avidly – these folks learned how to code and are extremely tech savvy. The other half – the half I’m in – either ignored most of it or pretty much keep up with whatever they absolutely have to in order to get by, or to do their job. So here I am again, trying to keep up, by learning how to build my own website. Now, it’s not all that much of a great movement into tech savvy-ness, as I’m using a WordPress theme for my website, and so I’m not entering in a bunch of code in order to build something from scratch. But still – it’s a step, and it’s kinda scary and intimidating.

So, I thought I’d sorta chronicle my experience doing this, as a novice attempting to try a new sort of technology for the first time. Here’s what I have done so far:

(1) Purchased a domain name. Our professor for our Digital Self class, Quinn Warnick, told us of a cheap deal for doing this, so I thought – what the heck? I really should have one by the time I go on the job market, so why not start building it now, and keep adding to it throughout the years?

(2) Installed a WordPress theme. Not sure if I will stick with it, but it’s something to start with, and it’s clean-looking.

(3) Installed a Twitter plugin. Have no idea what to do with it yet, though. Can’t figure that out.

(4) Started building some pages. So far I have a bio, and my CV – which I cut and pasted, and so I have to do some tweaking.

Emotions on this so far: mixed. I keep coming up against things that are confusing, but then other parts are rather intuitive. It’s a mixed bag. One thing I am: surprised. When editing the CV, I actually found it easier to do in HTML. We’ve been learning a bit of this in class, and I was actually able to sort of understand it and fix a few formatting problems that way instead of with the “visual” box. I know, I’m as shocked as you are.

More adventures in website building to come!